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Rugs – the classic decorative piece

Rugs – the classic decorative piece

For someone who loves interior designing and especially textiles associated with it, rugs are a huge deal that forms the character of a room. Rugs are designed to cover entire floor spaces or selected spaces. Whatever may be the use, selecting an apt rug can be a tedious yet fun job if you do your research well. There are some fabulously crafted rugs out there that transform homes like a dream. You simply need the patience to buy them with enough care and caution.


There are hand or machine woven rugs made out of natural fibers like wool (being the best option because of its strength, durability along with softness and easy to clean) and silk (which is an expensive yet classy elegant piece). Cotton rugs are also available. Synthetic fiber rugs are inexpensive and lower quality than natural fiber rugs, such as acrylic, nylon, etc. Since these are made out of synthetic non penetrable fibers, the dirt that sticks to them is clearly visible to the naked eye, and thus calls for frequent thorough cleaning. Other fibers include jute, rayon and viscose which are the least of choices from the feel and comfort point of view because they are hard and very difficult to clean. They also lose their appearance sooner. They only suit decorative purposes.


Decide your interior palette and rugs to compliment it. Choose the right fabric to suit your purpose. You may want to buy a soft wool rug if you intend to make a seating arrangement on it with floor pillows or low tables. Check for the authenticity of rugs, especially expensive ones in their origin, fabric and color. Be informed about cleaning them both in house and professionally. To layer rugs, be sure of what suits the style best and purchase them. Mix and match textures and sizes for an artistic vibe.


Vacuum/ clean rugs as often as you can. Rotate and flip them periodically to give equal exposure to light, furniture and usage. Blot stains immediately instead of rubbing them off which make them worse.