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Small kitchen ideas

Small kitchen ideas

Small kitchens are ideal for many contemporary spaces in today’s world owing to the fact that most apartments or houses found in towns are small. Well this isn’t a problem for anyone who cooks less but for anyone who loves to cook this might pose a problem. This is because foodies will have a variety of appliances meant to aid in their cooking, tool and tableware being part of it. The tools and appliances will definitely occupy a lot of space, thus when it is at premium a lot of planning should be thought out. Many people today want to have smaller kitchen in their home, as it is very simple to clean and maintain. Smaller kitchen also has many benefits that we will discuss in the article further.

Having a small kitchen is not so bad either since all your tools are within reach, which could be cozy but again a thin line exists between cozy and cramped. Thus the below ideas would help in maximizing a kitchens full potential by taking every space into advantage. You do not have to try hard to reach on a particular thing, as it will be reachable to you. Also, you do not have to do any extra work in your kitchen.

Racking Up

In order to create space in the kitchen it will mean having special racks hang on available space regardless of how unorthodox, on ceilings, walls counter sides, vertical space, counter space or freeing up a cabinet. Nails and the hooks can also do a similar trick when used to hang things on the rafter and the end of the cabinet but only in a smaller scale. It is very important that you get right idea on what type of kitchen utensils you want to have. In that way, you will know what racks you can buy.


This requires purchasing or buying only utensils that stack together which is referred to as nesting like plates do.  Getting nesting bowl, and stackable cookware, storage containers and bake sets will ensure utilization of available storage space. It is very important that you know your space and limitation before you buy any item for your kitchen. These are some very important points that you need to look at.

Storing in Plain Sight

This is usually achieved by hanging tools usable in a particular area in plain sight, meaning investing in quality tools to begin with. This is possible in the kitchen when using the trick of suspending utensils by hanging them above the stove, as long as they are far away from the splatters and grease. Thus, these are some guidelines of small kitchen that can be very helpful to you.