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Small Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table

Choose a table with narrow dimensions and a glass top so that it can be squeezed into small areas while being light and discreet. You can complement with a blanket under the table to further define the area as a dining room. The spacious window area in the kitchen below is ideal for a compact dining area with custom seating and one small kitchen table. Folding table is a must have in tiny houses. This small suitcase functions as a compact side table during the day, but can be placed at a cozy dining table for dinner.

A narrow table will also fit nicely in a bay window, or you can use a folding table if the space is particularly tight. A simple built-in bench along the entire length of the window optimizes the space even more. The seats here also offer smart storage underneath.

A dining area doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. You can use a bay window in a sunny living room to accommodate a relaxed dining area that can easily be turned into a guest arrangement when visiting. A corner sofa with fixed cushions works well as part of a dining room. A small round table and a pair of fine chairs fit perfectly into the L-shape and transform the area into a cozy dining area.

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