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Some Shade With Curtain Blinds

Some Shade With Curtain Blinds

Using curtain blinds is becoming more and more of a must nowadays, as they are easy to use and very effective in doing its job. Blinds main use is for the light, as they let you get sunlight in or not; it is as easy is that. The great thing is that you can do without opening the window, or if you have no window at all. They are mainly used in big offices and glass windowed places, let there be light or just make it dark. As we said they are very easy to use, and even easier to clean. They are rarely used at homes, but sometimes they are. In a case of having a room with large glass wall, whether it is in a home or in an office, blinds are the perfect solution to sunlight control problems.


The mechanism of work for curtain blinds is very simple, the curtain is made of many boards stacked together. The blind has two main strings on both sides of it, one of them is to lift the blind up or letting it down; while the other string is to flip these boards on their horizontal axis, in order to let light in or to make it completely dark. Using them is very easy and comfortable, they are also very easy to clean as they are very smooth and a simple sweep will do the job.


There are two main designs of curtain blinds, the horizontal and the vertical ones. They both do the same job, but they are different in the mechanism of movement. The horizontal blinds move up and down, while the boards flip on the horizontal axis; while the vertical blinds move to the right and left, and the boards flip on the vertical axis. This is the only difference between the two types, other than that they both do the same job of controlling light flow into a room or an office. There is also the option of drawing on them, so when they are closed you can see the drawing on them. This is a great solution in kids rooms if you use them in any.

Why Are They Popular

There are many reasons for the popularity of curtain blinds, ease of use is the main reason of course amongst many others. There is also the reason of easy cleaning, because they are mainly made of plastic. They can cover any window no matter what its size is, and they also can be utilized together. Closed offices are the main user for this unique type of curtains, but you may also find them in some homes where there is a big glass wall in the living room.