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Top wooden floor design tips

Top wooden floor design tips

Wood is the durable natural material that can be used in any design. It makes the interior warmer and cozier. Enhancing the décor and making it look rich, wooden floors are a popular choice. People can chose from a bunch of wood species, sizes, and finishes. They will find the perfect match for every design. Here are some tips for styling wooden floor in your design.

Let the floor be the local point

The wooden floor is a big decorative element that will bring everyone’s attention to it. There is no need to use more massive wooden elements. The design is already complete. If needed, you may use exotic wood species. For example, choose the American hickory or hand scrape hardwood floors. Dark stains will make the floor pop. Thus, you create a rustic or vintage look, making the design cozier. A bunch of tones to choose with will be useful for you.

Lighten the design

When you use natural white oak, maple, or other less grainy hardwoods, you make the interior brighter and cleaner. Together with colored walls and nice accessories, light floors will create the perfect living room atmosphere. This idea will also be perfect for nurseries and bedrooms.