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Using Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Using Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Wicker has been used for making furniture since the ages of ancient Egyptians, and ever since it has spread to almost everywhere in the world. Wicker comes from natural plants, especially from the stems of some palm trees from Asia. The hard stem out layer is peeled, and they use the soft core of the plant to create the wicker straps. After that they treat the striped chemically to make it harder and cleaner, then they weave it in many ways and shapes to create furniture. Outdoor wicker chairs and tables are the most commonly produced items, but some art collectors and lover create more than that. Other forms of wicker products are baskets, boxes and chests.


Outdoor wicker chairs are commonly used as patio furniture, whether individually or as a part of sets. Wicker is preferable as patio furniture due to its light weight and beautiful look, besides its high tolerance to weather changes and other effects. Wicker is a natural product, and it is treated with industrial ways to make it stronger. Wicker chairs can also be used as outdoor furniture, if you have enough of them; you can use them for outdoor parties and gatherings. These chairs are more favorable than plastic or steel or any other material that chairs may be made of.


There are many designs that outdoor wicker chairs can be made into, almost any shape you like is doable. Chair designs include regular chairs, backless chairs, bar chairs and arm chairs. The wicker furniture manufacturers also create full sets of wicker, including sofas, chairs and tables. As the chairs are the most popular ones of them, they are mass produced. As we said, wicker chairs can be used individually; and this is the main use of them. The design depends on the use, if you want an easy outdoor chair; then you go for the regular chair. But if you need it for an outdoor bar, or as a relaxing set outside; then go for the other designs.


People tend to have wicker furniture more than any other material, and this popularity started a long time ago. The popularity comes from many factors, the first one is the natural origin of wicker; followed by the ease of manufacturing and affordable price. There is also the reason of light weight and tolerance to weather conditions, besides its great designs and lovely weaving patterns. All these reasons contributed in creating the great popularity of outdoor wicker chairs and all its other products, and people are still using and buying this type of furniture. Some art collectors even seek old products, so that they have ancient handmade products as a part of their artistic collections.