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Vibrant Red Rugs for your place

Vibrant Red Rugs for your place

Bright colors add life to a home and therefore using vibrant colors as accent pieces, pillow covers, walls or for the floor decoration is a great idea. They bring energy and lift up the ambience of the room. A bright hued rug in red color could be a brilliant addition to the home décor. Rugs mostly provide a base for an entire decorating scheme of the room. Red rugs can be used anywhere around the home, one needs to decide upon the right shade of red, suitable material and the right size for the space to make the room look more cozy and perked up. It goes best with white or light colored walls and proves to be a signature piece of decoration adding elegance and glam at the same time. They are unique, beautiful and appealing to look at.

Ideas to Place Red Rugs:

  • Living Room: One can use a large red wool rug. Wool is easy to clean and maintain therefore best suited for high traffic areas.
  • Bedroom: Red color signifies romance and love therefore by placing it one can feel and create a peaceful and romantic ambience in the bedroom. On the other hand, for kids bedroom, it will simply add more colors and life.
  • Kitchen: One can use red to accentuate floor and provide comfort, they are available in motifs like fruits, vegetables and also hens and roosters. Acrylic suits best for the kitchen area.
  • Outdoors: Best for patio, deck or outdoor living room.