Handmade Oriental Rugs for Original and Classical Home Decor

Having an oriental rug at home is the wish of every house wife. It is a famous handcrafted masterpiece in Asian countries like Turkey, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. Made of pure wool or silk fiber, it is priced very highly but you can find machine made versions of these which are not less classy and pretty in their looks and designs but cheaper in price. They are a blend of some manmade fiber and natural fiber and thus, are more durable and safe from moth infestation.

Designs and colors of oriental rugs are intricate and elegant. These typical designs put them apart from other rugs which are of lesser standard. The overpowering colors are mostly red, blue and brown. Green is also found in some rugs. Your option to buy oriental rugs is online and offline both. The stores have a great collection of these and your choices are wide.

If you are in search of pure and original oriental rugs, you need to be very careful and very expert in identifying the hand-made pure fiber rug from machine-made acrylic fiber rug. Often the edges and style of knotting the threads delicately on the opposite sides of the rug reveal its real identity. This can only be understood by those who have a long experience in dealing with original rugs. For this reason buying an oriental rug online may not be an optimum choice. But if you are in search of any modern oriental rug that is machine made with acrylic fibers, go for online stores like Rugs USA