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5 Drawer dresser: A simple item with multiple

5 Drawer dresser: A simple item with multiple

A 5 drawer dresser is one of the most looked at focal points in a bedroom, of course after your beloved bed. On one hand it provides storage for your clothes and accessories and on the other it contributes to your room décor too. It requires good understanding to pick up the right dresser in harmony with other items of your bedroom.

5 Drawer dresser is available in many designs, shapes and sizes and also there is a big price range as it is a kind of multi utility product so the more you spend on it the more benefits you can have out of it. You can buy it from physical stores after having the touch and feel of it or can order it online as well.

How to pick the right one for you?

As it a daily use item and hence of high importance, so some aspects like shape, function and overall look requires attention. Various designs like a horizontal dresser, vertical dresser, combo of both can be tried with 5 drawers. Then the material may be wood, metal or fiber, etc. depends on what you are comfortable with and what is affordable to you. The look of dresser may involve use of polishes, embellishments, carved structures of wood, mirror arts or a simple contemporary look also may be opted for on basis of what compliments with the bedroom. The number of drawers which accounts for the storage space is also to be kept in mind. So think twice and buy it right because your choice is what makes the difference.