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Kitchen Taps Selection Guide

Kitchen Taps Selection Guide

The choice of kitchen tap depends on the two things: its function and design. It should improve the look of the work area and should be easy to use, even when your hands are greasy.  A smooth handling of the lever is the key to ease of work and this determines a precise adjustment of temperature and water flow.

For an architectural open-plan kitchen, you can use a single-lever mixer which has refined lines to reflex the simplicity of the room. For a traditional kitchen, a two-handle mixer is a better choice. Efficient cooks prefer pull-out rising sprays – both make it easy to rinse out the pots.

Single-Level Tap: You may like single-lever mixer taps because they enable you to manage water flow with one hand.  With your finger tip, you can have control over mixing cold and hot water. Your other hand is completely free for you to use the spray and rinse whatever you need. Levers are either fixed on the tap or at the side of the tap body.

Two-Handle Taps: These two-handle taps are classically chosen for any kitchen setting.  But they have single individual levers to manage hot and cold water flow. So, if you choose a two-handle tap for your kitchen, it will suit the environment no matter what is the design of your kitchen.

Things to Consider: A solid metal tap body is ideal for your use especially if it has cartridges of ceramic discs for smooth and easy function.  When you choose a quality tap, it will last in your kitchen for the lifetime. So, make the choice of a tap that is designed with a timeless appeal.  Cheap taps are not a good choice as they degrade in function in a few years’ time.  If you are having a tight budget, try to save in any other thing but do not invest in a cheap tap.  Guaranteed taps are the only good choice. These give you the peace of mind that you are getting a quality product.