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Advantages of using engineered wood

Advantages of using engineered wood

When you are building a house, you need to make a lot of decisions regarding the type of flooring you want, the colour of the paint etc. When deciding on the flooring, you have a lot of options in the market. You have to choose between wooden or marble flooring. The wooden flooring looks modern. The engineered wood makes it attractive and durable. The style of flooring gives the house elegance. The thin top layer of real wood with multiple layers of plywood makes it hard and long lasting. The advantages of engineered wood are worth considering to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Engineered Wood

– Durability – The method of constructing the flooring with inner core and top layer gives it strength and looks. The top layer gives the finish while the inner layers provide stability. The construction with multiple layers decreases the issues of swelling, shifting etc.

– Advanced locking system – The advanced locking system of installation makes it easy for laying individual planks. The installation is straight forward.

– Less prone to gaps – This flooring will not develop gaps. It is better in avoiding warping even in humid climates.

– Stability – The engineered wood is constructed with lumber which provides the flooring great strength and stability.

– usage – Due to greater strength and less rotting, the engineered wood can be used in lot more rooms than the solid wood. It is resistant to heat and dampness. It can be installed in the basement too.

Is engineered wood advanced?

The engineered wood is more advanced than laminates and is suitable for corporate offices and homes alike. It retains the appearance and quality. It is similar to hardwood flooring but much easier to install. You need not struggle with sand and all extra work for installation. It is not going to develop scratches and easy to maintain. When a particular piece is destroyed, you can replace that piece alone without having to change the entire flooring. It minimizes the costs. It can be used even in kitchen areas. The installation can be done either using nails or glue.

In essence, Engineered wood provides you the elegance and looks of a hardwood flooring without the costs or maintenance involved with either laminates or other kind of flooring. It is suited for corporate offices due to ease of installation. The benefits of engineered wood make it a reliable option worth considering for home builders or for commercial establishments. It is definitely worth the investment since it lasts a lifetime.