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Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Many kitchens can benefit from additional cabinet space, additional countertop space, and visual impressions from a Kitchen island cabinets. If your kitchen doesn’t already have an island, it’s surprisingly easy to make one of your own

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Search the flea markets and thrift stores for a good base. You can easily use a lightweight chest with kitchen island cabinets or a rabbit cage base. Remember to restore the sides of the base with another surface like breadboard or smooth luan (found at most hardware stores or lumber yards). Cover the edges of the base with the corner molding. You can build a slightly coarser floor if you think it would improve the look. Use the list up and down or 1 × 4 fields on all 4 sides.

You want to paint the entire unit and remove the existing bench. Depending on the desired appearance, you can look for a suitable laminate board in the offer of the local shop fitter. Check out the Ikea range of kitchen island cabinets (they have a phenomenal butcher block table that is built identically to their butcher block countertops, only smaller and cheaper). Install the top (if wood) using L-brackets and small screws. Ask the specialist at the manufacturer’s delivery store for tips on installing a laminate. Install the hardware for a finish.

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