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Antique Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

Antique Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

An antique bathroom vanity with vessel sink is just the right choice for your classic home setting. It is appealing and convenient. Your plumbing design determines your vanity to be easy to use and clean or no. You can see in the tap setting images below. The vanity with a tap fixed separately from the vessel is more practical. You can remove the vessel and wash it clean when it gets dirty. Cleaning the surface of the vanity is also hassle-free.

The brown shade polish on your vanity adds more vintage aura to it but if you feel like brightening your bathroom environment, go for a white vanity. A vanity with a mirror limits your decor choices because you cannot go creative in choosing a fancy-frame mirror for it. Often the mirror on the wall changes your vanity from an ordinary to an extraordinary.   So, leave some open options for you to bring aesthetical changes in your bathroom.

A vanity with a fixed vessel is another beautiful idea. The vessel is fixed in a hole and is at the level of the surface. A double-vessel vanity is a good choice for bigger bathrooms. It has a wide surface area and more storing space for your bathroom essentials.

Are you a fan of unique ideas? The following vanities have many different styles and some of them are quite unique. These can give you an insight into some striking creative ideas. Buy your bathroom vanity after some study of the objects in your focus. It must be practical as well as gorgeous for your bathroom.