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Ideas for Bathroom Light Bar

Ideas for Bathroom Light Bar

There are different types of Bathroom light bar. You can use one type of lighting or combine several methods, depending on your needs. Lighting can make your bathroom look elegant, but it can also be functional. You need the right lighting in the bathroom to avoid dullness and glare. Each type of bathroom light has a specific purpose.

Ambient lighting

The surrounding bathroom lighting or general lighting is similar to daylight and illuminates your entire bathroom, but mainly the floor. Ambient lighting can also illuminate open surfaces and walls in your bathroom, giving it a soft glow. Ambient light can come from natural light from windows or skylights. Ceiling lights, bathroom lights, and recessed lights are some ways to create ambient light. Recessed ceiling lights are ideal for preventing glare.

Accent lights

Use accent lights to bring objects or areas in your bathroom into focus as pictures or accessories. Accent lighting includes track lighting that highlights the features of your bathroom that aren’t normally labeled but should be accented. You can also set a specific mood or create a relaxed atmosphere. You can use accent lights as an additional layer of lamp or combine them with general lighting. Accent lamps can also come in handy when you need to light up a specific area like a shower stall.