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Arts and Crafts Furniture: style statement

Arts and Crafts Furniture: style statement

The adoration of Arts and Crafts furniture can be attributed to the rise and the resurgence of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America which dealt with American housing, architecture and design.

In late 19th and early 20th centuries Arts and Crafts style furniture mushroomed across America. Craftsmen using modest, aesthetic designs and sturdy raw materials were made beautifully functional Arts and Crafts style homes. Artisan furniture makers followed suit with furniture designs of the same ideology and trend. Currently, these same values apply, but there is a lot of variation in design aesthetics.

How to identify it?

Arts and Crafts furniture are always made with either natural woods or solid oak. Present day artisans craft their furniture pieces by hand from the first-rate woods available. They do not slash corners with modern machinery, and they avoid mass production. Arts and Crafts furniture pieces will bear signs of being crafted by hand, one piece at a time. They will often be hefty and of substantial size.

Arts and Crafts style furniture vary from artesian to artesian, institution to institution. But they do have a lot in common as well. Below are the elements akin to most pieces.

  • They usually have straight lines coupled with simple rectilinear design
  • They tend to have simple arches or curves with eased edges
  • It comprises of rich, natural, solid woods which is of high quality
  • The main functionality is to serve a household purpose

To sum it up one can say Arts and Crafts style furniture is simple, functional, comfortable, and beautiful.