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Beautiful sofa sets

Beautiful sofa sets

When you redecorate your house it is but natural that you would want to get a new sofa. But, when you go to buy one, you will find yourself being spoilt for choice with the numerous options to pick from. Watching out for some features would help clear the confusion.

Size matters

First of all you’ll do well to decide upon the size of the sofa that you want in your living room. For that you will have to decide if the sofa is going to be the central piece or is it going to be an add-on feature. Small living spaces will call for small compact sofas while larger rooms will require bigger ones. The size also depends on the amount of seating capacity that is needed.

Shapely splendors

Once you’ve decided upon the size decide what style or shape the sofa has to be. This again will depend on the design of the house and the other design elements in the house. Among the many options available L shaped or round or semi- circle or the regular 3+2 seaters. The style could be contemporary or traditional.  If there is ample space available in the living room you might want to include a chair or two or a chaise- lounge. You could also use a large throw cushion placed on the floor.

Fabric fuss

The sofas use various kinds of material and fabric for upholstery. The choice of the fabric should depend on the design of the sofa. Traditional sofas will require solid colors in neutral shades while contemporary styles could use vibrant colors in prints ranging from floral to abstract. The material could range from silk and cotton to leather and synthetics.