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Bathroom Glass Shelves – an Elegant
Multiple-Purpose Choice

Bathroom Glass Shelves – an Elegant Multiple-Purpose Choice

Why are bathroom glass shelves the most elegant option? The reason is that they are transparent, clean and depict class. It is the beauty of the glass that creates the right decorative effects in the room. You can find them in many different shapes and sizes.  You can customize the shape for installing them in a corner, too.

Bathroom glass shelves in double layer give you a smart storage for your hair care accessories. You can install it next to your mirror or in the opposite corner where the things are in your easy approach when you need them.

Bathroom glass shelves can be used for the purpose of decoration as well. You can install them in a corner on the wall where space is looking bare and gloomy. Add on it a few bathroom related decoration objects. A flower vase, a little pot of indoor plants, a statue or a clay pot would add elegance to your bathroom.

For the lightweight objects and frequently used items, these bathroom glass shelves are the best choice. They are practical in use and their transparent structure allows you to have the full view of anything stored on them. Moreover, if any dust settles on the shelves or spots appear, you can simply remove the shelves and wash them with some water and soap. Their spotless sparkling surface would blow a new spirit in the clean environment of your bathroom.

There are many different ways to install the bathroom glass shelves. You can have a look at the images below to see what design is best for your bathroom and lifestyle. For hanging a little hand towel right beneath the shelf, choose the design that is in the first image of the second row.  Not only a hand towel but you can also hang your hair accessories on it while you remove them from your hair for a while.