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Trend among wooden flooring – white oak flooring

Trend among wooden flooring – white oak flooring

The first thing one notices stepping inside any apartment or a house, is the flooring. Flooring is a major part of interior designing, and there is something very unique about wooden flooring which sets it miles apart from other kinds of flooring. The wooden flooring gives the warm and sophisticated look to an apartment, and shows it to be class apart from the ones without wooden floors. Among the wooden floorings, the white oak flooring seems to be most commonly used one, for the hardness of the wood and durability.

What is the reason for the white oak flooring, to be such a trendsetter?


Compared to other wooden flooring, the white oak flooring, is the most stable in terms of variation in temperature. Especially in humid locations where there are big variations in temperatures, it’s advisable to use, white oak floors.


With wooden floors one is always worried about scratching or denting it. One of the typical properties of the white oak flooring is sturdiness. It’s not a typical type of wooden flooring which could be dented or scratched easily.

Water Resistant

One of the scariest part of wooden flooring has to be the liquid seeping in, resulting in the decay and replacement of the entire floor. With the white oak flooring one could relax for this concern, as it is water resistant. Liquids do not permeate through the wood which makes it an ideal candidate that could also be used uniformly throughout the apartment or house, including the kitchen. It is always recommended that the wooden floor, any wooden floor, be waxed and finished on a regular basis to make sure that the floors are long lasting and give the best in terms of experience.

Ease of Installation

Being the hardwood that it is, the white oak floors, handle the drilling and gluing adhesives well. They handle these wear and tears from the drilling bits better compared to the other wooden floors and hence they are a favorite among the homeowners when it comes to laying out wooden floors.

Ease of Maintenance

This is applicable to all the wooden floors that they need to be maintained in terms of waxing and finishing. However, it is the ease where the white oak flooring truly stands out. If over a period of time the floor undergoes wear and tear, most of other wooden floors, would need some heavy maintenance and even replacement. In case of the white oak flooring, being the hardwood that it is, it is sufficient to scrape the tears and even out the scratches with a sandpaper finish. Once this has been done and wax is applied, the floor would be as good as new.