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Blue rug: It’s more than just a piece of decor

Blue rug: It’s more than just a piece of decor

A rug, meant to be the soul of an apartment. Various architects and interior designers consider rugs to be an essential part of the decoration. It defines your drawing room and provides elegance to the ambiance of it and somewhat gives a welcoming feeling to the guests in your home or clients in your office. They do create an impression on the person seeing them by their design, texture and color.

And the color is of significant importance while buying a rug as color conveys the emotion to a certain extent. Blue rug due to its color reflects the depth and stability like sea and is soothing to the eyes and is also meant to be beneficial for the mind and body, in a nutshell it’s a positive emotion.

Why buy one for yourself?

Blue rug is available in different materials like wool, jute or a combination of them and because of which they provide sound proofing or dampening to footsteps and absorbs such noise to add to the harmony of the space. Wool material is safe as its fire resistant too. They also tend to reduce the strain which our feet may go through by walking on hard floors and for a home with kids it adds to safety as it reduces the possibility of getting hurt severely on falling. It is easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance, which is just regular vacuuming. So, next time you see a rug, don’t consider is just a rug, it is lot more than it seems to be.