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Shabby Chic Chandelier Adds Ambiance to
Your Room

Shabby Chic Chandelier Adds Ambiance to Your Room

For a new home, chandeliers look perfect. They are highly decorative and when lit they fill the environment with liveliness and ambiance. You must be wishing a shabby chic chandelier among all the choices available. Here are some tips shared by home decor specialists about how to choose a shabby chic chandelier for your home:

Size: Choosing a shabby chic chandelier for your room needs an accurate estimation of the available space between the ceiling and the ground. If the room is not heavily crowded with a lot if furniture and the room size is moderate you can go for a medium to a little big chandelier. This will accent the space normally and you will feel the right balance between the room furniture and other fixtures.

Color: Colors enhance the light effects on the environment. Choose a colorful chandelier for stronger and richer influence. If you are a newlywed couple, pink and red flowers added shabby chic chandelier can create a harmony between your thoughts and emotions and your home environment. In the following images, you can see one with pink roses and other choices are in abundance on other online stores. Make a choice that brightens up your home even more and gives you a welcoming hint.

Details: A shabby chic chandelier with lots of details is the right piece to consider. Many crystals and beads increase the value of the chandelier. These details reflect light in thousands of different directions.  And if these details are in different colors, you find your room even more responsive and attractive at night.

Faux fur and feathers are also added for an extra sense of decor. So check out the best shabby chic chandelier with details on Etsy. For top class, options visit World Class Lighting and check astounding assortments of chandeliers.