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Boys Beds Designs And Ideas

Boys Beds Designs And Ideas

Our children are the best thing in our lives, we always want what is best for them in every aspect of life. Ever since a woman knows she is pregnant, she starts making plans for her child’s room. When the baby is a boy, plans start to be very clear. Boys’ rooms are very different than the girls’ ones, but many people think it is easier to decorate a boy’s room. The main things that you think about first are boys beds, that is why they call it a bedroom. The bed is the most important part of the room, and it’s really hard to decide right from the start.

Best Designs

Since their early days, boys are always interested in cars and super heroes. It is customary that boys beds are designed to fulfill this interest, and to make the room feels personal. The main design is usually painted or carved on the headboard of the bed, which is the biggest and most visible part of it. The headboard can be rectangular or rounded, both ways can be redecorated by being painted or by applying a sticker. Some beds are totally transformed into something else, like a race car or bat mobile beds. Parents usually make the decision in the early stages of the boy’s life, and this choice can be changed when he grows up.


There is no one material to create boys beds, but there are some favorable ones. The most commonly used material is wood of course, but there is also metal and hard plastic. Wood can be shaped as we like, as most of the wooden beds have big head boards which are great for designing. Metal beds usually have no head boards, which leaves them plain and very practical. The plastic beds are usually the ones with special shapes, like race car beds for example. In this case the plastic can be painted in any color, and it is of course a special type of the card plastic for more endurance.

Make Him Choose

If you are making plans for a young boy’s room, you can pick any one of the boys beds to put there. But as your child grows up, he will have his own preferences. To enhance his self-esteem and casually offer him to change his room if he wants to, this will help him in his decision making abilities; and will make him responsible for his choices. Discuss with him the different materials, and the cons and pros of each one of them. Help him choose and offer advice, but do not force him or make the decision for him. It might seem like a simple thing, but this is how it is done.