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Small Apartment Living Room

Small Apartment Living Room

Decorating the Small apartment living room may seem like a challenge. Pieces that are normally found in a living room may not work in an apartment living room because they take up too much space. Downsizing and painting the walls a different color can help. Creating an illusion of more space can make a small living room appear much larger.


Paint the small living room in a light shade to create an illusion of more space. Light colors make the room look bigger than dark colors, which can make a room look small. Choose light or pastel colored curtains. Also, consider cleaning them up. Light, airy colors and fabrics make a room appear larger, also because they let in more daylight. This means less shade, which makes a room feel closed. Hang different mirrors on the walls of your small living room apartment. Mirrors seem to expand the space and reflect light that shines in the living room.

Replace full size furniture and oversized pieces in the room with your living room furniture that takes up less space. For example, swap your traditional sofa for a sofa. Replace overcrowded armchairs with a side chair or two. Remove the coffee table from the living room apartment. Coffee tables can take up a lot of space, which a small living room apartment doesn’t have. Put small lamps on the side tables in the living room. Small lights keep the space in scale while serving their useful purposes.