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Brief Overview of Carpet design

Brief Overview of Carpet design

Man has always wished to decorate, improve and adopt luxurious lifestyles so that his residence or office looks elegant enough to gain attention of any person who visits. One of the most dominant factors in this regard is the colors that you use in the different pieces that you place for interior decoration and how they are related together in a particular theme. In any case, each piece of furniture, item or any other thing that is placed in a house will definitely add to the beauty of the place. Carpet design is another such factor which provides a new dimension to the decoration of your house.

Carpets have existed since a long time in human history and it has seen lots of evolutionary phases to become the modern day wonder it is. Man has always tried to gain luxury and also competed to become rich in terms of financial health and it is in this perspective that the first carpets came in to existence. These carpets did not have boisterous designs rather they were simple skins of cattle, goat and other animals which were dried and spread on the rough floors to make them easier to sit on. However, they clearly lacked any carpet design, pattern and embroidery to make them beautiful.

Man moved forward and as a result of evolution and technological advances with the passing of years he learnt the art of carpet designing. As a result, some of the most elegant carpets were first manufactured and printed by the Siberians in the 5th century AD. These carpets were distinct in nature from those that were previously used as they were handmade and had unique wonderful carpet designs which would easily capture the eye of the average visitor.

Another group of people who had really mastered the art of carpet making and carpet designing were the Persians. The Persians were part of a really old civilization that had existed on earth for thousands of years and their art had really flourished as part of their culture. The Persian carpets were unique in their own way and today still Persian carpets are regarded as some of the best carpet designs that are available in the market. Egyptian carpets have also deeply impacted this art of carpet making and the Egyptians excelled in this art.

Nowadays, the carpets are now part of a big industry and they are mostly produced by the machines but the history of carpet designing stills effects the art. This craftsmanship is an excellent way to express culture and art at the same time; this is the real beauty of carpet making. Consumers can now find a whole array of carpets to choose from and this is a gift of industrialization as well in this regard.