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Choose the best small bathroom design for the makeover of the entire area

Choose the best small bathroom design for the makeover of the entire area

The Bathroom is an essential corner of every house. Earlier it was the most unattended and unfocused area of the house, but nor home owners are looking forward to design the bathroom in unique style. Usually in apartments the size of the bathroom is small and you need to decorate it in a unique style to create a larger picture of the area.

Remember even the smallest bathrooms can be decorated with unique styles and designs with various items available in the market. You can easily create an illusion of a larger space with these below mentioned tips:

  • Use a few mirrors: Mirrors helps in creating an illusion of space and light in an area .Use mirrors in the small bathroom to emphasize the effect of the area, but be careful while installing them to create the required effect. Clear your walls before hanging the mirrors.
  • Keep things floating: Install a wall mounted sink and cupboards in the floating style which will be helpful in saving space?
  • Use your Door: Usually the home makers focus on the walls and flooring of the bathroom and forget to utilize the back of the bathroom door. Install some towel hangers behind the doors to conserve space.
  • Use Collapsible shower screens: It is another way to save space .It is available in different style like foldable or sliding and can be used to create a divided area in the bathroom.
  • Play with lights: Add more lights in the bathroom above the sink, near the bath tub if you do not have sufficient natural light in the bathroom area.

You can gather small bathroom design ideas from various sources like magazines; internet or sample sets on different stores. Keep the shade of the walls at lighter tones to create more space. Keep the area clutter free and arranged in an organized manner. Try to buy the fixtures of standard size to create more usable space in the area. Corner of the bathroom can be utilized by adding shelves where you can keep your toiletries and other items in an arranged manner. Try totalizing the vertical space in the bathroom to utilize the maximum space and always avoid bulky cabinets in the small area.