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Choose wool rug match with your mood

Choose wool rug match with your mood

The wool rug is stronger than other materials. For example, a wool fiber needs 10000 bends to tear apart whereas a synthetic fiber is just needed 2400 bends to break. They are naturally fire resistant and not catch fire like other materials. When they combined with a dye, it will give an artistic sense to a room. If you touch a pure wool rug, it will make you the feel of kiss a healthy and shiny hair. The unique about the wool rug is that when it becomes old, they never lose its shine and vibrant.

How do you select?

The wool rugs are offered in various standard sizes. The size varies between 3.5 ft to 18 ft., It will fit different sizes of the room effortlessly. Generally, people pick a rug such a way the design sits on the floor and leaving a uniform border around that rug. For instance, if your room size is 15 feet by 19 feet, then the right choice might be 12 to 15 feet rug, which leaves you 2 feet of a border around the rug.


The next step goes to look and style. The wool rug is available in traditional, contemporary and transitional patterns. The Persian and Indo-Persian patterns are traditional designs and available in rich colors. Contemporary models make your home more eye-catching, elegant and stylish. It’s perfect for modern furniture and decor. Transitional patterns give you more choice of palettes and open designs. It’s an intermediate between traditional and contemporary patterns.

Match with Behaviour 

Another unique advantage of selecting a wool rug is the fact that it will compliment your mood. For instance, if you’re an energetic person than the red color is a perfect choice to boost your mood and energy. You’re either opting out for warm or cool color according to mood behaviors.

Besides, the wool rug available at different price ranges so you can purchase within your budget. Machine made synthetic, hand-tufted wool, and hand-knotted wools are the general ways of the rug are made. These three varieties vary in price and lifetime. The synthetic rugs are made by machine with the life expectancy of a maximum eight years at a cheap price, but it has no re-sale value. Hand-tufted wool comes to the duration of maximum up to 20 years with a wide variety and possible re-sale value. If you always want to give a unique look to the rooms, then the obvious choice would be hand-knotted wool, it comes with the lifetime of more than 50 years. This is not difficult to clean and holds re-sale value high. In essence, wool rug is for a person who really likes to give an artistic sense to the home. They offer more lifetimes than any other contemporary material with a high re-sale value.