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Travertine flooring – best choice for an imperial and natural stone floor

Travertine flooring – best choice for an imperial and natural stone floor

Travertine flooring provides a unique and distinguished appearance and comes in four different types of finishes such as:

Polished travertine: a shiny and smooth finish which is similar in appearance to the marble.

Brushed and tumbled varieties of travertine: these varieties are more textural in nature and perfectly accentuate the natural style of the tile providing a slightly pitted appearance.

Honed tile: these are also smooth while providing a matte finish when laid on the floor.

One can describe travertine flooring as a cross between the limestone and marble. There are a number of benefits in using the travertine tiles for floors which are as follows:

Durable and long lasting 

The travertine tiles will last for a number of years to come when they are maintained and treated properly.

Easy installation

The travertine is a natural stone and is malleable which makes it easy to cut into different shapes and sizes when compared to other types of stones. Hence professionals can easily install travertine flooring without much trouble.

Comes in a variety of colours

You can find travertine flooring tiles in a wide array of colours like earthy creams, light creams rusty tones, browns and reddish tones. Hence they can be fit perfectly with all types of decors and interiors in your home.

Provides a breath taking finish; 

Travertine tiles are being used since ages as a construction material and have a unique appearance. They are not only good in appearance but also known for their functionality as they can be used even in areas which have more foot traffic.

Eco-friendly flooring

You can keep the travertine flooring neat and clean by maintaining it appropriately and it is also environment friendly. To maintain the finish and to restore the surface of travertine flooring you must have it polished and restored sometimes with the help of a professional. Hiring a specialist in restoration and cleaning of hard and natural stone flooring will be beneficial as they provide you a wealth of knowledge about the travertine flooring. They will also provide you help with your flooring requirements. The professionals usually use powerful machines for cleaning your floors which will restore the look of the floor and make it appear like newly installed tiles. Also make sure not to cleanse the travertine floors with products such as cleaning acids, lemon or vinegar to remove the stains. They will make the floor look dull and old. Hence it is best to use an alkaline cleaning product specially designed to clean tiles and natural stone floors.