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Create Magic with Black Carpet and Rug

Create Magic with Black Carpet and Rug

When you go to buy carpet or rugs, black may not be the first color that comes to mind, but it sure does make a strong statement! In fact, when you see today’s carpet roundup, you might just put this bold hue front and center at your place. And you can not get more grounded than topping off your floor with a black carpet, or a black and white fusion carpet What’s most amazing about a black carpet and rug is the way they can invoke a range of styles, from earthy and minimal to decadent and glamorous.

Now when we talk about black carpet, which, let’s face it does not make an appearance as often as other carpet shades such as white and beige. But black carpet is perfect for invoking an elegant, chic vibe, not to mention camouflaging grime! A room with black carpet is modern, glam, plush and unforgettable.

Black shag carpeting alluringly complements special touches such as smoky glass chandelier and black ornate candlesticks.Believe it or not, more often a black carpet is chosen as the centerpiece of the room.

While black and white stripe carpeting is amazingly unexpected, but a crisp contrast of black and white is often elegant, and sometimes even contemporary. This black and white fusion carpet tends to have an audio-visual look.

A black carpet in jute adds an earthy touch to any chamber, and when you factor in a round form with a natural jute border, the result is design perfection.