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Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom kitchen islands is the dream of many kitchen buyers. Even buyers who have small kitchens. That’s right! A kitchen island is not just a place to cut peppers or put away wet dishes. A kitchen island is well suited as a temporary workplace, cooking area or (dining table). In addition, a kitchen island looks exclusive. It gives a golden edge to your interior. Modern or nostalgic? A kitchen island fits into any interior. It is not advisable to choose a kitchen island if you have a very small kitchen. Is your kitchen smaller than 20 square meters? Then think carefully about how a kitchen island is constructed.

The cooking island needs space to “breathe”, so we recommend a minimum clearance of one meter. This way you can comfortably walk around the island. In addition, the additional breathing space ensures that you can operate the kitchen appliances and open the kitchen cabinets without any problems. A cooking island is particularly suitable in an open kitchen.

A cooking island can also be used for cooking – in the truest sense of the word. But where does the extractor come from? The extractor hood can simply hang freely, as in the photo above. Another option is to process the extraction in the countertop of the kitchen island. This trend will become more common in kitchens in the coming years, but it is already a household name. Below is a picture of how extraction works on the countertop. Futuristic, isn’t it?

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