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Saddle Stools

Saddle Stools

The man is using horses with saddles since hundreds or maybe thousands of years. The saddle seat is perfect for body posture even if you travel long distances. The idea of making a stool with the same shape did not strike man’s mind until the recent times. Now saddle chairs or saddle stools are popular for their many health benefits for the users.


People even use it with their office desk and find working on it less stressful than on a traditional chair. Maybe this is because of the assistance it gives to the backbone. Or maybe the comfort is because your thighs remain in a natural position and no extra stress is put on them.


The concept looks extremely weird. The appearance n the first glance does not seem inviting but try sitting on it instead of thinking and criticizing the look. The moment you sit on it, you feel a different feeling than sitting on a traditional chair.  The entire area of your body that responds to your sitting orders comes to rest on a platform that is responsive to your body muscles and lower body joints.


Many of the people who suffered from extreme back pain and neck stiffness from sitting for long hours on ergonomic chairs, felt delighted when they tried saddle stool. The back muscles relaxed and neck stiffness dissolved. Though in the start sitting on it is strange but soon the body accepts the position because it comforts the muscles and joints.


You can also try this saddle stool at home or office wherever you sit for long hours. The stool is small and can fit any environment. Because of not having bulky back and armrests, the stool can be carried to any corner and narrow place and you can enjoy sitting in peace. Visit eBay now and check out the stools there. Saddle stools with more options are available on Amazon, too. You can check the stores and find one stool for you.