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Deciding on carpet flooring

Deciding on carpet flooring

You want a certain feel in your rooms. You want warmth, comfort, you want the room quiet. Judging from that criteria, you are well on your way to choosing carpet flooring for your rooms. For every type of flooring there is, there are pros and cons for each. Carpet flooring is no different. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and challenges that we will encounter with this particular floor covering.


Carpet flooring takes more work to keep clean. Spills take more effort to clean, dust and allergens stay in carpeting a lot easier than they do hard floors. With the exception of spills, all that means is more vacuuming as opposed to occasionally dust mopping. There is also the occasional carpet cleaning that will need to happen too. These days there are many quality carpet cleaning machines and services available to address cleaning needs, so this isn’t a very big consideration.

Durability is always something that needs to be considered with any floor covering, but there are plenty of carpet flooring options on the market that will last at least as long as many other alternative products.


Many times it’s simply a matter of preference. Virtually every home built in the US has some form of carpet flooring in it and that is no accident. Carpeting provides padding and comfort, whether it’s while walking around the house barefoot or laying on the floor in front of the TV with a pillow and blanket, a padded carpet is about the most comfortable floor to have in direct contact with people. Add warmth to that comfort consideration. Carpet flooring is a lot warmer than a hard floor on a chilly morning.

Carpet flooring simply costs less than nearly all hard floor alternatives also. Granted, there are times when replacement and maintenance costs can add up, but a well-cared for, quality carpet will last for a long time as well.

What to do

Carpet flooring is a popular floor covering material for some simple reasons. It’s comfortable and looks good, makes rooms easy on the senses and is cost effective too. Yes, replacement will happen sooner than with other products, but people are willing to accept that trade-off. Most of us enjoy the comfort and even sound deadening properties that come with a well installed, padded and quality carpet flooring. There will always be a demand for this product in the market.