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Navy Blue Rug
  Reflects Tranquility

Navy Blue Rug Reflects Tranquility

Often adding dark colors in the home environment is not recommended. They add darkness in the environment especially if you are living in an apartment. But this is not applicable in all situations. Some living rooms whether in apartments or houses are extremely sunny and bright.

The amount of daylight enters there that you hang heavy curtains to secure some peaceful time. In such living rooms, the ideal color for rugs and sofa are dark. These dark shades absorb the excessive light and convert the room into a neutral environment that soothes the eyes. You may have seen a navy blue rug in a friend’s house or somewhere else. This is a cool color that reflects peace and comfort. When direct sun rays hit the floor and bounce back from the blue rug, all the room gets filled with tranquility.

You can have a navy blue rug in any shape or design depending on your room setting or your personal choice. Illusive designs are very popular these days but not every living room setting goes with them. Often plain rugs look elegant and classy. They have an upper hand in the room décor because they match with most of the design themes and furniture style of your living room. But make sure that your room setting is modern and not vintage because a navy blue rug does not suit in vintage themes.

In rugs many textures are available and you can choose extra soft rugs, handmade rugs or machine-made rugs. Handmade products last longer because use and washing do not affect them badly. Machine made rugs are more sensate to heavy traffic and washing.

But the key factor is design and style. If you find a design that is more attractive, go for it – whether it is machine made or handmade. Find rugs of your choice on Wayfair or Amazon. The stores have high-end choices in rugs.