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Everything you need to know about braided rugs in the design

Everything you need to know about braided rugs in the design

Braided rugs become the choice of many people around the world who want to make the interior fancier. Why are these rugs so popular? Are they expensive? Won’t braided rugs be ruined after two months? How can they be used in the interior? Check out the answers to these questions in the following article.

Looking for the shape

Have you already decided where you want to put the braided rug? Or is it just a desire to buy the newest design accessory? There are hundreds of different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes of there rugs. You should start with defining what shape of the rug will look the most suitable in your room. Make sure the rug is an accent that makes the room look spacious. You shouldn’t buy the rug that makes the room even smaller than it is.

Choosing the right color

As with any other rug, the color of braided rugs should be beneficial in your interior. What color scheme have you already got in the room? Do you need something colorful or monochromatic? There are many colorful braided rugs that make your room look festive, positive, and interesting, they may boost your mood and inspire you. However, if you live in an elegant vintage room, you should prefer neutral colors. They won’t make the design too rustic and simple.

Thinking about the price

As you may have already noticed, there are many handmade braided rugs. If you enjoy making something yourself, you can try to do it. There are many guides that will help you do it. Choose the easiest one, find the materials, and start braiding! However, if you’re not into DIY, you can order a braided rug. Their prices vary. Choose the material you like. Don’t forget about the right size and color.

Remember to maintain the rug properly

One of the first rules is regular vacuuming. If there are some spots, use the dry cleaning fluid. Some producers recommend professional dry cleaning. Usually, these rugs can be machine washed. If you notice that one braid is loosen or broken, you can easily fix it. Take a needle and sew the broken parts together.

As for the other special features, you can find all the rules at the official website of the rug producer. Read the characteristics and follow the maintenance rules. You’ll definitely like you new braided rug!