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Floating bookshelves for your house

Floating bookshelves for your house

One of the best ways to give one’s home a classy yet contemporary look is to tweak around with the shelves around the place. Instead of just purchasing another of those wall-mount shelves or wooden racks, one ought to consider floating shelves as an option because they are not only a great way to add to the storage space around the house but they create spaces without needing bulky legs or brackets. A floating bookshelf basically hangs against the wall and just looks like a slab mounted on the wall.

For the book lovers out there, floating bookshelves are the perfect option to show off their priceless book collections. It is great because you can easily change the artwork and the look of the shelves by indulging in a couple of book ends and without worrying about holes in the wall. Floating bookshelves are the ideal way to tell one’s story, adding to the convenience and interior décor.

One can either invest in a do-it-yourself floating bookshelf kit or purchase one by visiting any furniture store. Even within the floating bookshelf section, one has a wide array of options to choose from. Some people even like for their floating shelves to be invisible.You can get it designed as per the available space.

The best part about having a floating bookshelf is that you can mount it anywhere – in the living room, near the bed side – even on the kitchen wall! – Because of the minimal space that it occupies. Floating bookshelves add a clean, elegant look to the house.