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Everything you want to know about galley kitchen

Everything you want to know about galley kitchen

Working in a kitchen requires a lot of movement and space, with the help of galley kitchens you can provide yourself with that space. This kitchen allows you to use maximum vertical space and minimize the movement that you have to do between the stations. If you are serious about cooking and are a zealous chef then a galley kitchen is just for you. These kitchens are very different from traditional kitchens, they usually feature a narrow passage and have counters on each side of the passageway. These counters are utilized for everyday kitchen work and it is also where where all the necessary appliances and accessories are kept.

Some kitchens feature two doors at each end, which is designed in such a way that it directly opens up to the dining room. Others only have a single door, these kitchens are truly helpful and beautiful. With the help of this kitchen you can make your kitchen look much more neat and tidy. Since the kitchen only has a vertical space that is why it is necessary that you design the cabinets and drawers in such a way that they can have space for maximum items. To achieve such a space it is important that you make taller cabinets and try to make them as tall as the ceiling, this will allow you to have a lot more space than regular cabinets.

For some people these kitchen seem too small, proper lighting can fix this problem and help you feel like the kitchen is much more spacious than it actually is. You should let natural light in and if that iis not possible then you should make the most of artificial lighting by placing and positioning the fixtures in the right places. You can also install mirrored back splashes, this will reflect more light ad make the kitchen look brighter.

You should try to buy smaller versions of the appliances because these things can really take up all the space in your galley kitchen. Try to choose combinations of Cooktops and ovens because if you go for wall ovens then they will take almost all the space there. Your sink should be smaller so that you can free up some more counter space and still do the rest of the work. A galley kitchen is one of the best kitchen design that you can find. It is convenient and lets you do all your work and cooking peacefullly, you can easily find the things in the kitchen because it is smaller. The length of the passageway simply relies on the size of the house and the space you can utilize for the kitchen.