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Are rug pads really important?

Are rug pads really important?

Every batsman needs a helmet, every goalkeeper needs a solid defense, and similarly, any good rug needs a good rug pad. A good rug pad is necessary because it will provide the extra protection to your expensive rug that you bought because it looks good and is made in Persia! So naturally you would want to increase the life of your rug, and this is where rug pad comes in. Rug pad is also necessary because it will eliminate any bulges in your rug and give your rug a natural, seamless flow. Rug pads also don’t need any glue to stay firm and as a result, it won’t mess up your surface.

In this article, I will give you five key reasons that will highlight the importance of a rug pad and by the end of this article, you will be convinced if you have any doubts about the performance of a rug pad.


The first and foremost reason for buying a rug pad is that it acts as a cushion between the rug and the surface and, as a result, reduces any hollow noise while adding softness to it.


A good rug pad will protect your surface from any scratches or stop any color of the rug from leaving a mark on your floor. This is important because if you decide to dispose of your rug, you wouldn’t want your floor to be in a bad state.

Ensures Safety:

A quality rug pad will help keep your rug stay firm and put in its position. This will stop any slips that may happen and save yours from potential physical or mental injury.

Ensures Cleanliness:

A rug pad will prevent any bacteria or germs from forming under your rug because it stops the odors and mildew by ensuring better air circulation.


Rug pad is a buffer and will stop the fiber of your rug from getting destroyed. This, in turn, ensures that your rug will last for a long period.

These are the main reasons why a good rug pad is necessary to complement your rug. There are tons of rugs pads available in the market and online. It is always recommended to buy the one that best suits your rug so to enhance the performance and overall look of your rug. In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that always remember, “The best offence has a good defense”.