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Few tips on hardwood flooring installation

Few tips on hardwood flooring installation

One of the important items used while making houses is wood. Mainly used for supports, roofs and widely popular for making furniture. Many forms of wood are also used for flooring and wall covering. While wall covering is simply for aesthetic purposes, flooring can be both functional and aesthetic. Wood flooring are environmental, durable and restorable. It gives a rich and stylish look to your home and also adds a style factor. Wooden flooring is mainly used in bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. It is very common to wind wooden flooring intact in houses that are hundreds of years old in many American countries.


There are two types of wooden flooring, Hardwood flooring installation and engineered wood flooring. New and improved methods of building something are found and used every day. So when concrete started being used as subfloors, engineered wood flooring gained popularity and is now used globally. Even after the widespread popularity of engineered wood, Hardwood flooring installation are still popular in households.


Planks cut from a single piece of unprocessed wood is used for making hardwood floors. There are three ways to cut the wood, depending on what look the floor must have — flat-sawn, quarter-sawn, and rift-sawn.


Installation of Hardwood flooring installation can be tricky, you must not try to do it by yourself if you are not sure you can or don’t have any experience in carpentry.  Get help in such cases. Also make sure the hardwood you purchase is suitable with the temperature and humidity of the place you plan to install it, and don’t forget to check the warranty period although most manufacturers provide lifetime warranty.

We must start installing the hardwood planks from a side of the room leaving a gap between the plank and the wall for expansion due to temperature and you will need the straightest plank for the first row. It is important to keep the tongue side of the plank towards the center of the room. Nail it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. When adding the second row, attach the groove of the second plank to the tongue of first one and tap them together. Nail the second one through the tongue. Repeat this process until you reach the other end of the room. When you get to the last rows, sometimes you will need to cut the pieces to fit. After that install the transition pieces as per instructions, after attaching baseboards to the wall, polish the wood to give it a shiny appearance.