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Great Garden Table for your home

Great Garden Table for your home

With an increasing appreciation and love towards gardening, it has become important to decorate the gardens in a way with perfect furniture that they not only look adorable but are also more comfortable and useful. A fine addition to any garden could be a set of chairs and garden table. As the main point of outdoor seating area, it must look beautiful along with being comfortable. One can also host garden parties and at such times these tables are eminently useful. Most expensive ones are usually hand crafted from teak, pine or oak, but plastic tables or wrought iron are also good options. They can make or break any garden theme.

5 Things to consider before buying a table for your garden:

  • Material: A variety of material is offered in the market: teak, oak, pine, which are classy or plastic and wrought iron which are low on maintenance.
  • Price: The wooden tables are more expensive but come with their own benefits and are long lasting. Plastic, bamboo or wrought iron will hit low on one’s pocket.
  • Size: Garden area and family size are the two important leads for selecting the right size of table.
  • Design: If it doesn’t matches one’s personal taste then it will not be a favorite retreat, even if it’s of the perfect size and most comfortable.

Shape: Two most common shapes available are: Circular and Rectangular. For a bigger sized garden circular tables are a good since they need more space.