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Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets White and

Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets White and Yellow

Best color for kitchen cabinets is white can do a lot to update the look and style of your kitchen. Cupboards don’t always have a wood look. Many homeowners paint them instead. It’s a cheap way to make a dramatic difference. Yellow and white is a common kitchen color scheme.


Choose the whites and yellows you want. Yellow varies from pale to bold and white from creamy to snow-white. Collect paintbrushes, plastic, tape and go to the kitchen. Place the plastic under the white kitchen cabinet paint. This protects the floor and the surfaces underneath. Use ribbon for edges and to cover areas you don’t want to paint. Determine which color you want as the primary color and which accent. Want white cabinets with yellow accents or yellow cabinets with white accents? Open and touch the primary color.

Apply primary paint for kitchen cabinets to the main parts of the cabinet. They use accent color for the trim and hardware. Use a medium brush for larger areas and a small brush for small or tight spaces. Take your time to avoid drops, streams, stains, and mistakes. Soft brushes are best for applying paint evenly. When the base paint has been applied to all of the cabinets to be painted, let them dry. Paint the cabinets with accent color in the areas not covered by the primary color. Hardware, edges, and trim should all be painted with accent paint. For cabinets that don’t have anything, an inch or two of ribbon can be clad on all sides. Measure it carefully, apply the tape and paint the outer edge of an ornamental look with accent paint.