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Home Depot Bathroom Lighting

Home Depot Bathroom Lighting

Home Depot bathroom lighting is an important factor in the attractiveness and usability of your bathroom. Good lighting makes priming the mirror easier and more beautiful. Regardless of whether you are replacing an old lamp in a new bathroom, the lighting becomes a central point in the room. Before buying a new bathroom faucet, check the current faucet in the wall above the mirror.


Turn off the power to the bathroom at your home’s electrical panel. Make sure that no current is flowing to the bathroom electrical control boxes by turning the light switch on and off. If there is no device, point a circuit tester at the exposed wires to confirm the lack of electrical power. Run a countertop under the edge of the worktop if it doesn’t come off easily. Connect the cables and set the device aside. Skip this step if there is no luminaire.

Remove the old bracket by loosening the screws. Attach the bracket supplied with the bathroom faucet by screwing it onto the electrical panel. Examine the wires coming out of the wall. When the ends of the wires are worn, cut them off and remove a half inch of insulation from the wires by trapping the wire in the appropriate size hole in a cable razor and pulling cable shackles toward you. Attach the bathroom faucet wires to the wires coming from the wall by twisting the exposed hookup wires together and covering them with a plastic nut that came with the faucet.