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How to Choose Accent Tiles for Bathrooms

How to Choose Accent Tiles for Bathrooms

Tiles for bathroom have many different choices. You can pick similar tiles for the walls and floor if you like to or choose patterned tiles for the walls, it will be great because this way you can select any other matching color tiles for the floor and the combination will accent your bathroom. The combination of colors and designs is the key to an eye-soothing environment.  You can increase the personality of your bathroom by choosing the tiles in a color that contrasts the bathroom fixtures or matches them.

To make your selection easy and fantastic, choose the base tile first. Base tiles are those that are the tiles you dream to have in your bathroom and often it is the bottom line of the wall that has a single or double life of them or they are at a meter or so above the ground. This base tile helps you choose the matching times for the walls and floor.

The color theme is your personal choice but pertaining to the fact that water is the main commodity used in the bathroom, choose color shades that match with the nature of water. It can be one of many shades of turquoise, blue, sea-green, sandy gray, white etc. These colors bring the wow factor into the appearance of the little room.

Back of the shower area is the focal point of your bathroom and you can accent this wall with a tile assortment that is fully different from the rest of the bathroom. This is also a style that can bring a lot of positive reviews for your place.

Another exclusive way to make your bathroom look stunning is to go for a crazy floor tile idea and keep the walls neutral. This gives really an amazing look to the interior. You can use your innovative ideas to choose a real great pattern and enjoy a unique bathroom.