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How to choose an area rug?

How to choose an area rug?

Area rugs are extremely practical and effortlessly stylish. These are easy to clean and work perfectly in a bedroom or living room. A lot of rug gets wasted when it is placed underneath furniture.

Parameters to consider while choosing an area rug

You need to figure out what you love when it comes to area rug along with figuring out where you intend to place the rug. You also need to figure out well in advance how you would take care of the rug. It is vital to have regular cleanings of the rugs done for a healthier and cleaner home environment.

Purpose of the rug

Certain rules regarding the placement of area rugs can be found from over the internet. However, it is vital to consider how to use up the space appropriately. The purpose of rug should be determined from the space. If nobody is sitting on the floor and uses sofa instead, then area rug is used only for defining the space and for visual warming. In such cases, flat weave rugs must be used. For a more organic and relaxed feel, natural fiber area rugs can be utilized. Jute and Sisal both blend well with modern and casual furnishings. These can be easily cleaned by taking them outdoor and then beating them to remove the dust. When it comes to deep cleaning, the process is tricky.

How to choose?  

Area rugs can prove out to be a great investment both financially and visually. These can break or make the feel offered by the room. A rug must be chosen by considering the feel it offers underfoot and also by the way it looks. Also while choosing an area rug, the practicality in the home needs to be addressed.

Things to consider while purchasing area rugs

  1. Kind of lifestyle you lead: Do you have children at home or pets? Having a white shag rug can prove out to be a disaster in such a case.
  2. Location of the rug: Focal point in a living room or for offering a place for people to sit while playing card or board games.
  3. Ease of cleaning: Expensive antique rugs have to be cleaned by a professional if placed in rooms which are used often.
  4. Cost: Spending on quality products is worthy than spending on mediocre quality area rugs. If you keep changing the look of your interiors often, then you can consider area rugs which are less expensive.