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How to choose best laminate flooring

How to choose best laminate flooring

Refurbishing or planning a new house needs a long checklist. One needs to take care of number of things. The difficult part is choosing and finalizing things before starting the actual work in house. The world and market of architecture, interior design and furniture has turned upside down. Think about one element of house and you will find hundreds of options it. And it is a difficult task to choose things without a proper guide. Here we are going to discuss on various ways of how to choose best laminate flooring. Before we go on how to part let us first understand what this kind of flooring actually is.

What is laminate flooring?

Previously people making houses had only two options for flooring; one was wood and second was stone. These again had various types but basically it was only these two types. In recent years a third type has been introduced that is laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring is entirely made polymer materials. It usually made of 4-5 layers. The first two layers are thin and usually meant for wear protection and aesthetic value. The next layers which are at bottom are thick and actually serve the purpose of floor. The bottom layer gives stiffness to the entire structure. Since the floor is exposed to soil or cement the bottom most layer should be moisture resistant. Comprising such 4-5 layers is the beautiful laminate flooring

Why laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring are cheaper than most of the stone or wood flooring. The price per sq. ft. is as less as one third of the prices of counterparts. Best laminate floorings come in various designs and colors, thus giving multiple options to choose. The process of getting this done is easy.

How to choose best laminate flooring?

  1. Laminate flooring are made according to the use it is going to be under. For eg. Kitchen and Living room floors are more under use than in any other room. So look for a flooring that can resist wearing
  2. Decide on the pattern now. If you want dark colors or light, what patterns do you want.
  3. Check for certificates from the manufacturers and get a warranty certificate
  4. Buy all the requirement at once. Because one cannot be sure if or not the same color or pattern will be available again when you come next.

Hope these tips help you get the best laminate flooring done!