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5 decoration  for boy nursery ideas

5 decoration for boy nursery ideas

“IT’S A BABY BOY!” The sound of it has its own beauty. You have that small little angel stuck to your chest is such a beautiful feeling and as a parent, you would do anything for the baby. It also means you will create the most lavish nursery for your baby. The same old style of crib, dim lights, hanging toy over the crib days are gone and be the coolest parent with these new ideas that are listed below to have a fun and happy surrounding for your child. Here are ways to decorate the empty room in your home into a nursery room:

  • Blue Lagoon

As the stereotypical idea of blue for boys and pink for girls exists, then why not use the blue with a little touch of the undersea. Paint the walls ocean blue and bring out the oceanic feeling by drawing details like fishes, shells, etc. Place a beige crib to contrast the wall and decorate the room with an ocean theme.

  • Aye Aye Captain

Yes, you got it! The nautical themed room will scream classy and cute at the same time. The navy blue and white striped wall should be paired with a blue or white crib, small wooden paddles placed on the wall over the crib in a cross, anchor painted on the wall and the ship bed sheet will go perfectly for the little sailor to be in.

  • Let’s go to the Zoo!

The safari themed bedroom will create strong cute vibes, guests will be left in awe after the seeing the safari themed room. Walls could be painted white or beige, animal stickers would look really adorable, brown crib, and a beige side table to complete the whole Zoo look.

  • Simplicity at its best

If you don’t want too much happening in the room then go for the most simple nursery. The whole room painted with light blue, white crib, baby’s name written over the crib, a white table, and a sofa will just be elegant and sophisticated.

  • Parisian theme

If you want your baby to sleep in style then this theme will be just about right. The walls painted in dark bold navy blue, white crib, white side table and lamps placed over, a chandelier on the ceiling, you can also have paintings on the wall and baby’s name of course. The theme will scream royalty and classiness.