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How to choose right salon furniture for a parlor?

How to choose right salon furniture for a parlor?

A beauty salon is an establishment that provides men and women with services to enhance their beauty, such as manicuring, hairdressing facial treatment, and massage. So if you are planning to start your own salon, you need to ensure you have all the equipment and supplies that are essential for a salon. Having the right equipment is what builds a good patronage and also guarantees full customer satisfaction.

Salon furniture includes:

  • Hair Styling Chairs: This is the most basic and important form furniture that you will require for your beauty salon. There are varieties of hair styling chairs available in different colors and forms.
  • Hair Styling Station: A hair styling station includes a mirror, tool compartments or tool holders, storage drawers and an electrical outlet. There are many amenities and designs provided with the hair styling station that one can choose from.
  • Carts And Trolleys: This salon furniture allows hairstylist to have the styling kit right next to him while attending to a client. It enables easy portability and storage of the styling tools and helps you stay organized.
  • Reception Desk: The first place that your client sees is the reception area. So you will need a stylish reception desk. You can choose a large or a small reception desk depending on the size of your business, the layout of your salon, and your budget.
  • Waiting Area Chairs: You might not be able to attend to every client at a time; hence there is a need for waiting area chairs for such clients. Waiting area seats can be either couch or chairs, depending on your budget.

It is said that first impressions matter, and this is most definitely the case when it comes to a beauty salon, which is why it’s imperative that your equipment is up to the mark and looks as beautiful as the services one offers.