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How to choose stone flooring for your home?

How to choose stone flooring for your home?

Stone always make a perfect choice when it comes to flooring as it is hardwearing, looks elegant and practical. Stone flooring looks fabulous and also imparts durability to the flooring. These are used ideally in bathrooms, conservatories, hallways and kitchens. There isn’t any hard and fast rule that these shouldn’t be used in sitting room or bedrooms. The trend of using stone flooring is tremendously growing at a rapid pace. A plethora of patterns, colors and finishes are available while considering stone flooring for your living space.

Key things to consider while opting for stone flooring

The following practical questions need to be considered while trying to incorporate stone flooring in your setting. Do you have timber floor setting in your home and are they capable of bearing the additional weight? Can your budget be extended to incorporate under floor heating as stone flooring are usually cold? Do you have pets or children at home who may find the hard surface relenting? Stone flooring may require you to make a large investment. Hence, it is vital to sit down and think before making any move. Having stone flooring in dining rooms and kitchens can result in chinaware and glassware being broken when dropped. Having stone floors in the bathroom can offer you a slippery surface which wouldn’t be desirable.

Advantages of having stone flooring

Stone flooring is indestructible virtually. It is easy to clean and is allergy friendly. This is ideal for use in wet areas as these can withstand flooding and dampness. A plethora of color and finish choices are available from black slates to marbles. Natural stone variations look interesting. The character of the stone can be altered with the use of finish such as a polish offering high-sheen to the surface. A weathered effect or an understated matt effect can also be considered. Despite offering a cold underfoot, stone flooring is a great insulator. These retain the ambient heat in winter and remain cool during summer.

Tips to consider  

The specialist in the field offer reclaimed and quarried stone. The reclaimed stone is quite expensive but offers a friendlier environment. Solid stones including sandstone, slate, granite and limestone are ideal choices when it comes to stone flooring. These are made from ground or chipped stone. Care must be taken while installing stone floors. Adhesive, sealants, preparation of the substrate and grouts must be considered to avoid any kind of movement during the process.