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How can vinyl wood flooring prove out to be better than wood flooring?

How can vinyl wood flooring prove out to be better than wood flooring?

Wooden floors are desired by many. However, their maintenance and cost can prove out to be the hindering parameters. A fantastic alternative can be the vinyl wood flooring. Vinyl wood flooring can prove out to be an ideal substitute where wood cannot find practical use such as in laundry rooms, basements and bathrooms. In these places moisture becomes a matter of concern.

Reasons to consider vinyl wood flooring

Vinyl flooring is cheap. This makes a better substitute for wooden flooring, especially at the price for which it is offered. Installation of wooden planks is very easy. These can be cut and installed with the aid of a utility knife. Vinyl wood flooring is slip resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring can easily bend hence there is a need to exercise caution while moving heavy objects on them. Two installation options are offered: click installation and the adhesive back. It is better to opt for adhesive back while installing vinyl wood floors on places where moisture is present. It also helps prevent the seepage to the subfloor, which can result in the formation of molds.

Advantages offered with the use of vinyl wood flooring

Vinyl wood flooring is available in the form of tiles and sheets. These are available in a multitude of styles and colors. These can be installed easily and offer a flooring surface that is soft. The flooring is backed with foam or felt. The softness in the layer makes the floor more flexible and also increases the longevity of the flooring.

These are available in a plethora of styles and also include a design which mimics stone flooring or look offered by hardwood flooring. In many cases, it is quite difficult to figure out whether the flooring is of vinyl wood or made of hardwood. Vinyl flooring can prove out to be highly durable in comparison to other kinds of flooring. Long term warranties are offered on vinyl wood products by many manufacturers. If maintained appropriately, these can last for several years.

Vinyl flooring is resistant to dirt and water which implies that it can be easily installed directly on any other kind of flooring. This can be done over floors that have a lot of cracks. The cleaning process of vinyl wood flooring is very easy. Just simple sweeping and mopping can keep the flooring appearing new for several years.