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How to clean shag rugs?

How to clean shag rugs?

Shag rugs are the popular floor covering rugs used in almost all the homes. They provide comfort from cold climates, reduce dust and bring beauty to the homes. The texture and looks make them very attractive. These shag rugs come in different materials like cotton, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon etc. You have a lot of choice in colors. There are both short as well as long rugs available.

Types of Shag rugs?

Flokati rugs are very soft rugs made from sheep wool. They are 100% wool which is most preferred due to their softness. Aros rug is similar to Flokati with the same kind of material. However, they are different in their appearance and process of manufacturing. The Love fur is made from faux fur which is an acrylic material. It is affordable and relatively cheaper than the other two types. The leather shag rug is made of cow hide. It is preferred by the elite. The last but not he least type of shag rug is called shaggy. Its name is due to its appearance. It is popularly called Cotton Jersey rug made with short strands weaved densely. These rugs are comfortable to sit and walk on due its warmth and comfort it offers.

How do you clean Shag rug?

It is one concern that most people have. They are worried about cleaning their rugs. The rug should not get damaged or lose its appearance due to washing improperly. It needs some care to keep these rugs attractive. Cleaning the fibres could be cumbersome. However, if you follow certain simple tips, you can keep these rugs clean without damaging the appearance of the rug.

– Use Baking Soda – Use of Baking Soda can remove any stains easily. It is easy to use. You just have to sprinkle baking soda after the rug is washed and dried and vacuum cleans the next day. This simple process keeps your rug fresh and smells refreshing.

– Shake Out Process – Take the rug outdoors and shake out all the dust particles. It just takes a few minutes to beat the dust removing matting etc.

– Bleach free detergent – It is best for maintenance. Remove stains with cold water and detergent. Don’t scrub hard and dry it for few hours.

 What to do

If you just use the above steps and clean the rug frequently, it will keep them clean and new. It just requires a few minutes of your time and effort to keep shag rugs clean. You may not require professional cleaner often except for few exceptional situations where you are not able to remove the stains.