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How to Create Great Art Wall in Your Home

How to Create Great Art Wall in Your Home

Do you want every single gaze to get lost in your room wall? Consider art wall! We think that art wall matters in interior design. The right and effective wall art can blow z new spirit in the whole room. If you have not tried it yet, it is high time to choose a wall in your room or in the living room and go crazy with ideas. Your art wall should be expressive, romantic, and lovely and all that is storming inside you. While it interprets your thoughts and feelings, it should also respond to the trending fashion.  Here are some ideas and tips that can help you design your wall at home:

Find a painting or wall hanging that is your best choice. This is your starting point. You can take its colors and designs as inspiration to get started.  Now pick one or two colors from this image and incorporate them in your wall art. The dominant color is the key to successful art wall. Add with that, matching shades.

Finding corresponding shades through a mobile app like ColorSnap will make your work easier but you can find them manually, too.

Interior décor charm depends on the focal point. Every room has a focal point which draws the attention of everyone. It is needless to say that art wall goes to fulfill this purpose of interior design. Imagine your idea of art displaying on the wall above the mantle in the living room or above your bed n your master suite. Not only this, a great art wall idea can spice up the dining space and make it a friendly spot for dining.  If you are choosing one of these places for making a focal point, consider the size.

Too small focal point will get lost in the environment, especially if the room is large and has a lot of accessories. And too large will be looking like spilling over. So, choose a size that is just right in the room and get more ideas from House Beautiful and Buzzfeed.