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Ideas for Modern Bathroom Sinks

Ideas for Modern Bathroom Sinks

Rising property rates and demography, has made it tough for everyone to have the luxury of having a big house, especially in metropolitan cities. Now-a-days, as the carpet areas of homes are getting smaller, decorating them is becoming a bigger challenge. Houses with smaller bathrooms mean utilizing every inch of the limited space.
Bathroom sinks are the most important fixtures can be made compact and modern to increase a bathroom’s functionality. The sink is one of the most important fixture that should be changed while bathroom remodelling. Some of the most common types of sinks are:

• Console Sinks: These fit into table tops, and are ideal for vintage-look decor. However, even though these give a feel of spaciousness, they also have storage issues.
• Pedestal Sinks: These flexible sinks are available in a vast number of shapes and sizes. The best thing about these sinks is that they can be customized in height according to the bathroom’s dimensions. These are good to give a retro look to your bathroom.
• Vanity Sinks: Embedded at the top of a counter, vanity sinks create extra closed storage space.
• Wall Mounted Sinks: As the name suggests, these sinks are best for small spaces
• Corner Sinks: These are very convenient sinks and can fit into even the smallest corner of the bathroom.

Bathroom sinks are commonly made of porcelain as more designs can be created by using this material. Glass sinks are the best option for a total modern look. For getting the desired look, experiment with sinks made up of copper, stone, stainless steel, chrome and brass.