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Interior decor ideas for living rooms

Interior decor ideas for living rooms

A wonderfully decorated interior not only functions well but it creates a mood that reflects the personality of the family that lives there. Attention to three important ingredients namely function, mood and personality ensures success of Interior décor

Prior to painting and rearranging, one must spend some time thinking about family and lifestyle. You should look through catalogs for inspiration and pull out ideas that appeal to you. Collect things from around the house that makes you feel good and inspect them carefully for color cues and possibly a clue to the mood you’re looking for in your abode. This would mark the beginning of a well-planned and decorated living area.

Interior décor is more than just an eye appeal;it’s making a room really work for you. Here’s how one can do it, element by element:

  • Focal point: Sometimes rooms have natural focal points say a fireplace or maybe even a built-in bookcase. If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, try to make one with a dynamic piece of art.
  • Furniture: Determine if your furniture fits well with the functions you’ve planned for the room. If a piece isn’t working or if it’s not fitting as per the size of the room, get rid of it or exchange it with something else that may be more appropriate.
  • Lighting: Lighting should be chosen to enhance visual appeal of the room.
  • Mood: The mood of your room is created by selection of colors, style of furnishings, the amount of pattern and texture you choose and accessories. Since there’s so much one can think about when creating a mood, creating a theme through an inspiration piece can make this piece of a decorating project much fun and interesting.